Villain Classifications

The Department has developed a system for classifying villains and their powers by broad types. This system is fairly intuitive, and any power encountered in the field to date can be logged under one of these categories.

Kinetic Class

Powers dealing with motion and energy, whether controlling it from a distance or by touch. Telekinetics, pyrokinetics, pagokinetics, etc.


Mentalic Class

Powers purely of the mind. Telepathy, mind-reading, mind control, precognition (enhanced awareness and ability to predict opponent’s moves), speed-learning, facility with languages, etc.


Continuum Class

Powers related to the manipulation of spacetime. Gravity, clairvoyance, light-bending (illusion and some shadow), teleportation, time travel.


Shape Class

Powers relating to the body. Shapeshifting, strength, flexibility, speed, moderate vision enhancement, armor skin, invulnerability, etc.


Master Class

Abilities of deduction, analysis, observation and reasoning. May include administrative or political acumen beyond the normal. Coupled with megalomania.


Technology Class

Preternaturally intuitive understanding of one to three specific technological disciplines and the ability to work therein. May include minor/modified Kinetic abilities.