About the Series

S.H.R.A.I.D. is a series of six novelettes (20-30 thousand words each), covering roughly two years during the Supervillain Outbreak (2014-2015). Tentative titles and release dates as follows:

Shadow Play– April 1st, 2014

Wild Cards– January 1st, 2015

Requiem– April 1st, 2015

Artificial Heroes– June 1st, 2015

Entropic Decisions– August 1st, 2015

Charade– October 1st, 2015

The series was inspired by (and is considered canon within) the Supervillain of the Day series by Katie Lynn Daniels. While Supervillain of the Day deals largely with events in England, however, S.H.R.A.I.D. deals with events in the United States and the process of maintaining instability among the many high-powered supervillains and masterminds.


Q: Why this format? Why not do full-length novels?

A: Katie chose this format for Supervillain of the Day, and it seemed to work pretty well. It allows me to complete storylines more quickly; and it allows you, fair reader, to not have to wait a year or more between installments.

Q: Who is this “Katie Lynn Daniels” anyway?

A: Katie is a friend and fellow author I met through Holy Worlds. I really enjoyed her work, and when I discovered it was CC-BY-SA licensed, I decided to do a spin off series. So here I am, and you have her to thank for the fact that I’m releasing books now as opposed to next year.

Q: What is all that about Creative Commons in the license information?

A: That, my friend, is what makes the Supervillain of the Day universe tick. By choosing a Creative Commons licensing format, Katie ensured that creating spin-offs is hassle-free (and possibly lucrative) for the creator.

Q: Okay, I like what you’re doing. How can I get involved?

A: Buy my books. Buy Katie’s books. Like and follow our Facebook pages (mine, Katie’s). Follow us on Twitter (me, Katie). Tell all your friends!

And then, if you’re up to the challenge… write in this universe and show us your work. Who knows? Your work might be the next big step in the expansion of Supervillain of the Day.